About Me

I am a London-based professional, passionate about communication, storytelling, and sustainability. I believe that words, visual arts, and design bear a significant transformative value that can either raise or bring down brands.

I have a wealth of experience in media, communication, and marketing. In the last decade, I have worked as a Strategic Communicator and Copywriter for private and public organizations based in London, Chicago, and Bucharest. Managing and tracking multiple projects and working in fast-paced environments such as news broadcasting and events organizing improved my time management, critical thinking, and ability to identify solutions quickly. I worked across various industries such as Fintech, Banking, Insurance, Private Pensions, Real Estate, Shipping, Automotive, Sports Events, and Nutrition.

Before changing my career path, I was an economic journalist and news editor for top TV stations, business magazines, and online media.

Action brings words to life!

It has always been my drive.