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Valuable lesson to learn: “Don’t lose yourself!”

Moving abroad to start over or look for better opportunities is among the most daring journeys a person can take in life. Most of the time, that path is not easy but quite challenging. It can turn people off or change their minds when it comes to pursuing their dreams. And we all know - don’t we? - that sometimes we must put our passions aside or on hold, and instead of doing what we love, we do what we must to make ends meet.

Carpathian MTB Epic 2018 – Challenging and EPIC!

130 participants from 25 countries descended on the resort of Fundata in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, for what was to be an epic adventure, where joy and pain would be felt in equal measures during this challenging race. IMB sent its battle-hardened endurance athlete, Hannah Attenburrow to investigate…

The Carpathian MTB Epic is the first multi-stage competition in Romania. The four day event started with a fast and technical Prologue, which determined the start order and then only th

Carpathian MTB Epic: Romania

How would you like to ride 157 kilometers of trails through amazing scenery and 5,750 meters of climbing in the Meridional Carpathian Mountains of Romania?

Get ready to conquer the wild Carpathians during an incredible experience that challenges your skills and passion for mountain biking! MPG Romania team offers you the chance to race and discover one of the last genuinely wild regions in Europe in a 4-day full-service event at Carpathian MTB Epic! It’s Wild, it’s Rugged and it’s EPIC.

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